Heidelberg – For A Short Day Trip

The Old Town and river Neckar

For those who like to travel in Europe must be always looking for the historical site or classic timber-wall houses. Heidelberg is one of city that has all of that.

As mention on http://www.heidelberg.de , Heidelberg is considered as one of most beautiful cities in Germany. The picturesque ensemble of the castle, the Old Town, and the river Neckar surrounded by hills, which inspired the poets and artists of romanticism, still fascinates millions of visitors from all over the world today. But there’s more to Heidelberg than romanticism. It is home to Germany oldest university, have million visitors from all over the world each year, and having the combination of attractive countryside, favorable climate and urban lifestyle makes Heidelberg one of the leading cities in Germany in terms of leisure value.

Since Germany one of the biggest country in Europe, you must be wondering why I want to visit Heidelberg. I have two reasons for that;

First, it’s near Frankfurt. It’s only took around one hour by bus to go there. I went to Heidelberg from Frankfurt Airport after I landed from Hong Kong at. My bus schedule is 10:45 AM. Although Heidelberg is not my main destination, but it’s worth a visit. You can use bus or train to go there, but I very recommended bus since it’s cheap and quite fast as well. Go check http://www.flixbus.com for one of bus service option 😉

Second is my friend’s suggestion. As a first-timer I’m open for any advice or suggestion that my friends gave me 🙂

Let’s continue. So, the bus that brings me from Frankfurt was stop at the bus stop nearby the Train Central Station. Since I bring one medium luggage and a bag pack, I need to put my belongings first to the luggage storage before starting my sightseeing.

Fortunately, almost all Train Central Station in Europe have luggage storage. However, you have to prepare some coins to pay the chip as your storage key. At that time, I was pay €7 for one big storage with 24 hour limit time.

Heidelberg’s Central Station

Also, in Heidelberg’s Central Station there are some cafes or food stalls. The average price for a sandwich with ham is €4 and a cup of cappuccino is €3. Overall, the condition in Heidelberg’s Central Station was warm (most important in the Spring season :D) and very convenient. However, if you want to go to the toilet, you need to pay €1 and you will get a voucher. This voucher you can use as discount voucher for some tenants inside the station.

Toilet and disc. voucher

After having my lunch, one hour later finally I’m ready for my sightseeing. At that moment is already 1 PM, my original plan was the Heidelberg Castle, The Old Town, and the City Center. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the city center because very limited time and my next train to Munich will be on 6 PM. So I just went to Heidelberg Castle and The Old Town 😉

1. Heidelberg Castle

I went to the Heidelberg Castle by bus number 33 with route to Rathaus-Bergbahn. Before that I bought my bus return ticket and Heidelberg Castle ticket at the tourist information just right in front of the train station. The guy in there was very helpful. He willing to provide me the best option for my sightseeing according to my very limited time and budget 😀

Bus stop to the Rathaus-Bergbahn right in front of the train station

After arrived at Rathaus-Bergbahn bus stop, which turns out the Old Town itself, I directly looking for a sign to go to the castle which is not so far from the bus stop.

To go to the castle you need to walking up through the alley for around 20 minutes. But, rest assured that you will find many astonishing and incredible views while going up there. Here are some photos I took during my time walking up to the castle.

Once you arrived at the top, you will directly see the castle’s gate and the park (?) before the gate. From this area you can see the whole Old Town and The Karl Theodor Bridge (The Old Bridge).

The Old Town, Neckar river, and The Old Bridge

Entering the castle, there were two good looking guards standing in front of the castle to check your castle’s ticket. I’m sorry but…both of them just look like Calvin Klein models. LOL. >.<

Let’s back to our topic 😉 Inside of the castle you will find a big hall, almost like a town hall, with the castle’s ruins surrounded it. Why it’s ruins?Because this castle was crash by war and lightning stroke years ago. Now it’s left uninhabited. However there are still many pretty views and instagram-able spots in here.

The front area of castle
Small alley inside the castle
The castle’s ruins from outside

I spent around 2 hours at the castle and it was totally worth it! It was worth the effort for walking up and down. This place is very recommended for you who want to visit Heidelberg 🙂

2. The Old Town (Altstadt)

Heidelberg’s old town is among the most well preserved ones in Heidelberg. Here you can find the university, Heiliggeist kirche, old lanes and a nice pedestrian street, Hauptstrasse, with historic buildings and elegant shops. The nice Marktplatz is also here. Next to Alstadt, the beautiful river Neckar flows with its famous old bridge and above it is the green mountain where the Heidelberg castle lies.(source: worldtravelimages.com)

Is it just me or indeed every cities in Germany have their own Old Town? This is very amazing. Not only in Heidelberg, in other cities’ Old Town as well, whenever I step and strolling around this Old Town area, I just feels transported back in time.

How they keep the architecture and every details of it to not consumed by modernization is just amazing. Although I only spent around one hour at the Old Town, but it still gave me wonderful feeling like strolling around the empty alley and sitting in a cafe at the Town Hall.

Statue of Virgin Mary and Jesus
Church of The Holy Spirit
Old buildings in the Old Town
Statue of Hercules
Old Town’s alley

Have you ever been in Heidelberg before? Which places you had visited or you think worth to visit?

Thank you and see you at the Munich’s page 😉

With love,


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