Working from a coffee shop, is it worth it?

Living in a big city like Jakarta with high purchasing power and consumptive society is really bring me a huge impact. One of it is impacting my lifestyle.

To be honest, I’m a kind of person who like to be in a quiet place, enjoying the peacefulness just with myself. I really value my me time, until one day I saw a bunch of people with their laptop accommodate my favorite corner almost full day.

In Jakarta – and mostly everywhere – working from a coffee shops is not a new thing. Some people is attracted with the foods, the free WiFi, and the interior design itself.

Since starting my writing hobby, coffee shops is a place where I want to go to write. Especially in here I could gain some new inspirations and ideas for my next topic. I’m rarely working from a coffee shop for my office tasks unless my company is willing to pay it. Even though during business trip which I get extra allowance from my company, I mostly choose to work from my hotel.

Working from a coffee shops – for office tasks or writing for blog – require some sacrifices as well. You should order some drinks or foods to use their table for almost full days. That’s why, mostly I’m working in coffee shops to write for my blog. At least, I sacrifice my money to do something which I hope generate something bigger in the future.

However there are still many consideration of working from coffee shop. In his blog “Pro’s and Con’s of Working From a Coffee Shop”, Saeed Gatson said one of pro’s working from a coffee shops is increased serendipity where you are more likely to bump into old friend or make new ones. And one of the con’s is about going to the bathroom which can be major life decision. Because you need to think whether to leave all your stuffs at the table or are there any shady character nearby.

For me, whether its worth it or not to working from a coffee shop, my answer is yes, it’s worth it, as long as you are not doing it everyday in your life unless you have extra income.

So, how about you? Do you think its worth it to work from a coffee shop?

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