4 Things You Need to Think Before Decided Working From a Coffee Shops in Indonesia

I’m working in a retail company and my main job is too handle operations projects. Sometimes I need to go for a business trip – in or out of city – with my laptop. Which means there are times when I need to look for a place with empty desk, free WiFi, and good ambiance to continue my work.

Needless to say, coffee shop always be my first option. Its like moving my cubicle from office to an empty corner in a coffee shop.

Actually I enjoy working from a coffee shop. Somehow its gain my creativity. However there are some things that I use to think about before decided to working from a coffee shop in Indonesia.

1. The closest is the better.

Checking which coffee shop or cafe will I go for continue my work is the first thing I do, of course. In Jakarta, an app like Zomato or Qraved is quiet popular.

Since most of Jakarta people like to hang out, there are many coffee shops in every block of city center. However, you might put the traffic at peak hour as consideration if you don’t want to spend your time mostly in the street.

That is why the closest one is the best option. As long as they have an empty table and a good coffee it should be enough.

2. Always checking the menu price.

Probably this one could be the reason on choosing which coffee shop you would like to go. No one like to spend hundred thousand rupiah for just 2 or 3 hours working from there. Except you want to feed your ego or you are an high-salary person.

I use to order a cup of coffee and a cake or snack if I only want to spend short time in there. But usually on weekend where I need longer time to finish my unfinished weekday’s work, I’ll order more drinks and foods to not being a jerk, even though I haven’t found a coffee shops which have ‘minimum spent’ rule to working from their cafe and using their free WiFi in Jakarta.

3. Never expect for a free WiFi.

I always use the personal hotspot from my company phone to my laptop.

One of almost every Jakarta coffee shop owner’s marketing tool to attract customer to come to their coffee shop is ‘Free WiFi Available!’ But, I must say to never expect it even though they probably provide it.

Who doesn’t like free things? Many people – working or just hang out – come everyday to a coffee shop and surely looking for a free WiFi connection. However, among these peoples are using the free WiFi to download 1GB movie or playing games for hours. Sometimes, because of that, the connection might be very slow.

4. Having good interior design to bring more inspiration.

For a quick work, I use to go to a coffee shops like Starbucks or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to finish my work. But, a coffee shops with pretty interior or instagram-able spot also are in my weekend list for a place to visit when I want to write for my blog.

In Jakarta there are plenty of nice design coffee shops you can visit. Most of them located in the South Jakarta area. An app like Zomato app provide list of coffee shops with the photos. Most of photos took by the customers itself and shared it on that app.

Well, so far that’s all what comes in my mind everytime I want to work from a coffee shops. Some people probably choose to working from home since don’t need to spend money. However, inspirations could come from everywhere no matter where is the place or location.

Do you like to work from coffee shop as well? What are things that you use to think before working from a coffee shop?

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