Salzburg – Half Day Trip in “The Sound of Music” City

Salzburg is one of the Austrian cities on the border of Germany. With the view of the Eastern Alps, this beautiful city is a must-to-visit city if you have the plan to go to Austria.

I went to Salzburg from Munich by bus. This city is very adorable! I arrived there on Saturday morning and at that time was very calm. Maybe because it was weekend, I think. But actually I like the peaceful atmosphere, fewer cars and peoples ‘cos I’m an introvert haha.

Talking about Salzburg it means talking about churches, historical places, the castles, and oh The Sound of Music movie! Who doesn’t watch that movie? When Maria Kutschera – a governess and teacher – got married to Georg von Trapp – the father of children she took care of, and build a family choir. I’m a fan of this movie since I was 10!

1. Mirabell Palace

To be honest I didn’t make an itinerary of places I want to visit while strolling around in this city. I just let my feet take me to wherever they want to take me. But suddenly here I am in Mirabell Palace, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Before I step in into the gate, I was wondering whether I am in a tourist place or in a wedding party. Well, there is a lot of wedding photoshoot around this area. The weather is very supportive so why not? Haha.

According to, Mirabell Palace was built in 1606 by prince-archbishop Wolf Dietrich for his beloved Salome Alt. Today, it serves as the backdrop for the most romantic weddings you could possibly imagine.

2. Alter Markt

“Alter Markt”, the old Marketplace in Salzburg’s historic city center, was already laid out as an urban trading center and marketplace in the 13th century.

Just around 20 minutes walking from Mirabell Palace, you can found this oldest weekly market. At that time was very crowded, mostly with local and international tourist. Somehow there are fewer Asian tourists in this city.

3. Getreidegasse & Mozart’s Birthplace

The Getreidegasse is the bustling heart of Salzburg’s Old City, its unmistakable charm as well as Mozart’s Birthplace making it an irresistible destination for countless visitors from around the world. Aside from an array of international fashion chains, the Getreidegasse also charms passers-by with its traditional inns and unique businesses steeped in history (

Just some minutes walking from Alter Markt you will arrive in this classy beautiful alley. There are some street musicians and street artists who will ready to entertain you. Don’t forget to give some coins! 😉 Yet another magnet for visitors is Mozart’s Birthplace, which stands at No. 9 Getreidegasse. Salzburg’s immortal wunderkind was born here back in 1756.

Above all, the Getreidegasse draws visitors with its wide selection of international fashion chains, traditional shops and a broad range of dining opportunities. Aside from jewelry, folk wear, trendy accessories, antiquities, leather goods, stationery, and perfume shops, avid shoppers can also pick up groceries and deli products in the Getreidegasse.

4. Cathedral Square & Marian Statue

The grand Cathedral Square lies directly in front of Salzburg Cathedral, in the heart of the baroque historic district. The Marian Statue enthroned upon the square was built out of marble in the 18th century.

Of its numerous churches, the cathedral is Salzburg’s most important sacred building. With its mighty dome and two towers, it leaves its own distinctive and absolutely impressive stamp on the city skyline. When we gaze upon the cathedral with open eyes, we discover many surprising and exciting details.

I spent almost two hours here, especially inside the church. Standing in awe admiring the architecture in every corner of the buildings, overheard some tourist talking about the history.

5. Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme

Anyone walking to the fortress, the funicular or to St. Peter’s Cemetery will cross Kapitelplatz (Chapter Square). The spacious square is bordered on the south by the Cathedral, by the Cathedral provost and archiepiscopal palace in the east, the novice’s wing of St. Peter’s Monastery in the west and the Cathedral Chapter’s mills.

As the last destination of my visit to Salzburg, I spent around 30 minutes in here. Yes, it was quite hot ‘cos the sun is shining so bright. Different from Germany, in here the temperature quite high even though it was Spring but feels like summer haha!

Chapter Square is a place of concentrated activity in Salzburg’s Old City: people playing a game of chess with oversized chess pieces, a number of colorful sales booths and “Sphaera,” a work of art by Stephan Balkenhol, fill the square with life.

For the complete guide to Salzburg you can visit

Have you ever been in Salzburg before? Let’s share your experience in comment below 😉

Thank you for reading!


Juls 😉

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